Derpy Duck Animation

I am a leader and manager of Boxscape Studios alongside HP and Lapiz. I am the lead animator of Piggy Industries, and I direct production of our rig pack, as well as other projects. I aim to grow Boxscape to a wider audience, helping beginners start with blender. I also work outside of Boxscape on non-minecraft 3D models and drawings, primarily extinct animals.


I am a leader of Boxscape studios, alongside DerpyDuck Animations. I focus on the development and management of the group with Lapiz, and also direct certain projects under the name of the group. I aim to foster Boxscape into an overall 3D-focused content group that work on 3D animation, rig programming, Educational services, and game creation as well.

Quinn Rebooted

Hello everyone! My name is Quinn and I am the operations manager of Boxscape Studios. I've been part of Boxscape since June 18 2016 and witnessed the many changes the studio has been through. I handle the development and management of the studio, and it's work alongside HP and Derpy.

I have a passion for writing and design. Currently I'm writing a fantasy YA novel called 'Chasing Time'. I also study design and have experience in the industry.


Hi there! I'm Pixle, doing my thing as one of the managers of Boxscape Studios. Member of Boxscape since May 6th, 2016, you can see I've been here for a while :). I like to play games and listen to music. I'm usually active on discord so why not hop in Boxscape Studio's public discord and say hi once in a while :)