Voice Actors

JumboGauge (Sam)

Film Director/3D Animator/Professional Voice Actor/Visual Effects Editor. I go by the name Sam, but most people call me Jumbo, or Mr.Gauge. As most people here probably use blender, I use Maya to make my 3D animations. I voice act for a lot of people and groups, Boxscape studio's being one of the bigger groups I voice act for.


i don't whaat? i don't understand how to do these

ThunderStorm382/Shaine Kennedy

Pizza, ponies, and wasteing away infront of a computer... nuff said...Earth is my brother


Sir_Oswyn is content creator through and through. He loves to stream, art, voice acting, and a lot more! Loves being a part of this group and also love seeing all your awesome support <3


Gamer | Voice Actress | American Living in England | Business Inquiries: alymew@gmail.com


Communities activist, looking for various experiences.


Misunderstood, but lovin’ what I do- FREE HUGS!